Saturday, July 13th, 2024

Mesa Arizona Water Damage

Flood Damage In Mesa AZ


Mesa Arizona Water Damage


This is the time of year when we worry about storms here in Mesa Arizona. Heavy rains may cause some serious water damage. When you live in the dessert climate like we do you find out really quick how devastating a half inch of rain can be. You see the dry earth all around us is not set up to take in or absorb water, the ground here is totally dry. When rain falls it actually repels water, then that water has to go some where usually down the street and finds a wash. That normally directs the water to a overflow basin or to a irrigation canal, then that usually leads to one of our rivers or lakes.


The Problem With the Rain

So now that’s all great if everything is draining fine. Now what happens when that drainage system is overloaded which happens quite easily ( remember Mesa AZ never rains) so when it does in a short amount of time everything is worked and over capacity. The first thing you hear is on the radio giving everyone fair warning. The next thing you see is water starting to collect in your yard in different places, hopefully you yard is graded correctly because that makes a difference. The next thing you notice is YOU GET FLOODED then after that you get WATER DAMAGE.


Now Water Damage Has Occurred, What To Do?

What to do now that water damage has set in, that’s the easy part, you call Water Damage Phoenix we service the entire valley. Water removal and extraction is our specialty. Flooded homes are our main emergency service we provide. The faster you get the water out of you home the less damage there will be.  Water is a very destructive force even after it has stopped flowing it continues to destroy its surroundings. Dry wall, carpet, cabinets, structure of your home, really anything water comes in contact with.