Saturday, July 13th, 2024

Water Damage Tempe Arizona

Water Damage Tempe Arizona

Avoiding water damage issues in Tempe AZ. Water damage in home can come in many forms, and while many homeowners might think that they are at less risk of water damage in Tempe, Arizona because of the hot, dry climate.  Unfortunately this is not the case, as water damage can be a result of not only outdoor factors finding their way in, but also coming from problems within the home.  Leaky pipes can drip behind walls causing mold damage, overflowing toilets can flood the bathroom, or burst pipes can leave the basement flooded.  When water damage in Tempe, Arizona occurs, homeowners can take a few steps to avoid long term water damage.

Water Extraction is Vital

Anytime major water damage occurs, for instance when the home is flooded, water extraction is the first vital step to protecting against major water damage.  Using specialized equipment to get rid of the excess water and moisture will start the water clean up process and begin the water damage restoration.

Remove Excess Moisture to Prevent Mold Damage

Mold is one of the most difficult problems that can arise after a water damage incident.  Because mold just requires an easy to find food source and moisture to grow and thrive, drying out the home properly after a flood in the home is extremely important.  Using equipment such as dehumidifiers and fans will help to speed up the drying process and prevent mold from growing.

Order Mold Inspection After Water Damage in the Home

A couple of months after a water clean up, homeowners should order a mold inspection to check that nothing is growing in the area that had been water damaged.  Though Tempe is dry and air conditioning units will also pull out humidity, mold can still grow unless it had been properly attended to by a water damage specialist after the home was flooded.  A mold inspection will check for issues and help homeowners to get rid of them before they become bigger problems.