Wednesday, February 28th, 2024

Flood Repairs

Repairs After a Flood

Flood repair in AZ will be costly. Most insurance will not cover that kind of loss





Home Insurance

If you have home insurance most flooding that comes from inside your home should be covered ( check you policy for specific coverages) so meaning if there’s a catastrophe in your house such as a broken pipe, blown up water heater or maybe even a over flowed toilet. These are things that ” should” be covered. Now remember if you have a existing leak that is slowly leaking, that may be another story because the insurance may say that you knew about it and chose to neglect it. They would not cover the cost of the damage at that point


Flood From Rain

Flood waters that may enter your home due to rising water or through the roof in a storm. You may need specific policy for flood insurance, so if you think think your home is covered ” no matter what” you may want to check with your agent.


General Statements

These are just general statements not to be construed as legal advice. Water Damage Phoenix has seen many different floods and this has been the normal findings with insurance carriers. So please check your policies to confirm your coverages.