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Water Damage Chandler Arizona


Chandler Arizona Water Damage Photo

Water Damage restoration for flooring in Chandler Arizona can be a challenge. Flooring is perhaps the hardest hit when there is water damage in the home.  A flooded home can cause a lot of damage and heartache and can be an especially overwhelming experience.  Many homeowners do not know where to start and simply performing a water extraction is not enough to fully repair the potentially long term damage caused by the flood in the home.  There are many steps to repairing a flooded home, but fully taking care of the water damaged flooring is especially vital.

Carpet Water Damage Restoration

Water damaged carpet in Chandler Arizona can be particularly troublesome.  When the water seeps into the carpet, it gets beyond the fibers and into the padding below.  Carpet padding is not meant to deal with that amount of water, and when water damage occurs it can break up and become a great base to start growing mold.  Many homeowners might opt to replace their carpet and incur the heavy costs of the material and labor, but there are a couple of things they can try to avoid replacing the flooring.

Use Floor Dryer for Flood Restoration

Using specially developed floor air dryers for carpet water damage is a great way to target the water in the fibers and dry it quickly.  Designed to target down towards the wet carpet, the floor dryers allow the carpets to dry at a rate forty percent faster than with normal fans.  The floor dryers are developed specifically for carpet water damage restoration, and they can assist homeowners in repairing water damage instead of needing to replace the damaged materials.

Prevent Mold Damage

Floor dryers can also prevent secondary water damage and its most common form – mold damage.  Getting the flooring dried quickly means there is less time for mold to grow and it dries up the environment it needs to start building in the carpets.  There has been many cases of mold development in homes in Chandler Arizona right after a large flood.  Don’t be next take care of your problem quick.

By, John Crow
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